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Do your eyebrows look like 2 big, bushy caterpillars? Are you self-conscious when looking in the mirror because of your eyebrows? Come and visit Fabulash for eyebrow waxing in Gretna, LA. Our technicians have improved thousands of eyebrows for men and women. Don't let your eyebrows stop your makeup from looking good, come in for a consultation today. 

When was the last time you went and visited the salon for waxing services? You don't have to be self-conscious by excess hair you may have, just pay a visit to the salon. When you come in for a consultation and meet with our technicians, they will make sure to give your eyebrows the best shape, design and arch. Make sure you arrive 10 minutes before your appointment for the consultation. We make sure you are comfortable and relaxed so the process is enjoyable and painless. Once complete, your eyebrows will give you a whole new look that compliments your face shape. 

Most people have at least once waxed or threaded their eyebrows. Many people prefer waxing because the process is less painful and quicker. Since you are applying wax to your eyebrow and then pulling it off with paper, your skin won't be pinched causing you to tear up or have an urge to sneeze. Waxing is also less expensive making it affordable for everyone to have great shapes brows. Our trained and licensed professionals use professional grade hypoallergenic wax for all waxing treatments.  
After you leave the salon with your eyebrows on fleek, maintaining them will be easy! You only need to pluck the hair growing back every 2-3 days or as desired to keep them tidy. To maintain the shape of your eyebrows, it is recommended you get your eyebrows waxed every 2-3 weeks. 

We offer hair waxing removal for the following:
• Brows
• Face
• Chin
• Lips
• Arms (half and full)
• Legs (half and full)
• Underarms

Call Fabulash and book a service for body or eyebrow waxing today! 


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