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One of the latest trends in women's beauty today is microblading. For those who do not have naturally thick and full eyebrows, this procedure will give you the eyebrows of your dreams! You will be able to maintain a style without effort and maintenance. Filling in your eyebrows every morning not only takes time, but the products can be expensive. When you come to Fabulash, our affordable microblading in Gretna, LA will save you both time and money.

Our premiere salon is popular for professional microblading services. Forget the waxing, plucking, threading, and drawing in your brows. This semi-permanent procedure is very similar to eyebrow tattooing because it also involves depositing pigment underneath the epidermis. However, a blade is used instead of a needle. This way, you will obtain a more natural look because fine hair lines are created that will not blotch under the skin.

It only takes a couple hours to have beautiful eyebrows in the color and shape you want. The best part is that it will never wipe, smear, smudge, or be perspired away. You will save time and frustration in having your eyebrows semi-permanently drawn on. 

Microblading Price 

Initial set $300 
Touch Up (4-6 weeks) $100

Some people opt for permanent tattooed eyebrows that are filled in with a solid color. The problem with eyebrow tattoos is that they can end up looking harsh and unnatural. Our skills, abilities, and experience as permanent cosmetic artists have brought us many clients throughout the years. We will provide you with before/after photos of previous work to both help you make a choice and realize you are in great hands.

Our services are perfectly designed to provide micro pigmentation that is done beautifully every time. Choose microblading for a lasting, hassle free application that can give you full confidence each day without having to worry about doing the essential parts of your makeup. We offer applications that can effectively camouflage imperfections with great ease.

Our semi-permanent microblading services can benefit anyone! Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you.


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